Introducing: the Craft Concierge advice column

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of Craft Concierge, a monthly column where I give personalized recommendations for Creativebug classes that I think best fit your crafty needs. I’m Faith, I’m a life-long maker, a CB instructor, a yarn nerd, a paper dork, and a true Creativebug aficionado – I’m proud to proclaim that my eyeballs have gazed upon every single class on the site!

I’m also a cheerfully bossy know-it-all who’s perpetually thrilled to offer advice (solicited or otherwise) and am confident there isn’t a craft-related question I can’t answer. Whether you’re wondering where to begin with a certain craft, are curious about particular teachers, or have an occasion for which you’d like to make something special, I know precisely the Creativebug class for you.

This first question made me laugh when I read it and I knew right away it’d be a fun one to answer: “It’s fall aka Pumpkin Spice Latte season and I want to know – what’s the Creativebug equivalent of Pumpkin Spice?”

When I think PSL, I think of delight, of something seasonal, of a thing that feels special but is also super accessible. It’s a treat that gives me a little bubble in time that can feel like a ritual or a part of a little autumnal adventure. Yes I’ve gone apple picking once in the past decade but I feel like I could be an apple picking person just by ordering this one tasty drink.

The class version of this is absolutely Lisa Solomon’s Color Meditation Daily Practice. It’s a watercolor-based class but can be applied to any pack of markers or box of crayons, and emphasizes process over the final product. All our daily practices provide a month’s worth of lessons but this class in particular feels very low-stakes. Because it focuses on shape, pattern, and texture instead of a finished image, I find myself much less anxious about getting it right, and more often than not, feel compelled to keep painting after the exercise is done. Whether you feel like a competent painter or a dabbler, there’s a real sense of possibility that accompanies picking up a paint brush every day that I find just thrilling. Lisa is a working artist, a published author, and teaches art at a college level but she’s so cheerfully encouraging and laid-back that it feels like hanging out with a groovy favorite friend. Over a latte? Sure! Absolutely!

Because you’ll end up trying out every paint in your palette, it also gives me those back-to-school vibes of geeking out on fresh supplies. If you already have an assortment of watercolor tubes, consider creating a fresh palette for just this practice. Just like the PSL, this class tricks me into setting aside a moment for myself. It’s as relaxing as a hot beverage and soothing as cinnamon. I adore this class and think you would too. And if you get to the end of the month and aren’t ready to say goodbye to your new parasocial bestie (this happens to me every time!) we have a bunch more classes with Lisa to inspire you.

Next up, I answer the number one most common question I get: “I want to learn to sew. Where do I begin?” I have many thoughts on the topic (and the perfect classes to suggest) so stay tuned!