Spooky Season with the Creativebug Staff

A free library box filled with spooky books and decorated with monster teeth for Halloween

Congratulations, autumn-lovers, it’s spooky season! The month leading up to Halloween brings cooler, cozier weather, pumpkin-spice everything, and it gets us warmed up for what could be three months of glorious holiday making. Here’s a peek at some of the Creativebug staff’s past and present October projects for otherworldly inspiration and all the #fallfeels.

Alena, Customer Success Manager

Alena made these gorgeous glass pumpkins at a glass blowing gallery in Boise called Boise Art Glass. They’re a lovely twist on the classic fall color palette and are an amazing example of how cool it is to try something new.

blue pumpkin made from handblown glass on a wooden table
lavender pumpkin made from handblown glass on a wooden table

She also enjoyed some crafty kiddo time. We love that super spooky hand-print witch and the coffee filter ghost! Note: Alena tells us that paint pouring on pumpkins is super messy, but we think that final look is worth it (even though we didn’t have to clean it up).

Halloween kids crafts on a wooden table including a green handprint witch, a coffee filter ghost, and a painted spider on a paper plate
a pumpkin decorated with a paint pouring decorate and several layers of paint in pink, purple, white, and mint green

Katrina, Art Director

A white dog wearing a black witch hat while sitting on a red chair, surrounded by other witches hats and magic wands.
A multicolored witches hat and magic wand with a sleeping dog lying on a red chair in the background that is wearing a small witch hat
A white dog wearing a small black witch hat while lying on a red tufted chair that also has a larger black witch hat and two magic wants on it

“My family does a group costume every year and this year we’re going to be witches! I made a little witch hat for Ollie out of felt, and dressed up some store-bought hats for my daughter and myself using fake flowers, painted stars and ribbon….. I decided to skip the brooms and instead make coordinating wands from Amy Karol’s Magic Wands class.” It looks like Ollie’s favorite spell is “I’m getting very sleepy….”

Faith, Content Editor

A small free library in front of a sun y brick wall. The library has spooky novels in it and is decorated with white pointy teeth.

“The craftiest thing I’ve done this month is add teeth to my little free library (and stocked it full of spooky scary thrillers)! (And guess who’s idea this was?! Courtney‘s of course!)”

Must add monster teeth to everything now!

Liana, General Manager

A young boy in a Captain Hook costume leaning on a grey couch
A young boy in a homemade red gummy bear costume
A young boy smiles while standing in a bathtub and wearing a homemade purple cat hoodie

“We’re still deciding between moody young captain hook, gummy bear, or purple cat redux.” Excuse me, how cute are the pom pom ears for a gummy bear costume!?

Cobrina, Artist Coach

A large black paper mache hat hanging in a dark corner in a home, casting fun shadows on the ceiling

“A paper-mache bat I made from two balloons and some cardboard.” Cobrina points out the super spooky shadow that her bat casts on the ceiling. The shadows of your Halloween decor can definitely add to the ghostly and supernatural feel of your space.

Courtney, Editor-in-Chief

A small collection of paper doll witches in black, orange, and white made from Victorian cut outs
A diorama inside a faux pumpkin with clouds, stars, and a paper doll witch on a broomstick inside

If you’ve taken a lot of Courtney’s classes, you might recognize some of her Halloween paper-crafting makes: Victorian-inspired paper doll witches and a stunning pumpkin diorama.

Pup Charlie is always enchanting, but Pup Charlie in a witch hat is especially so!

Stephanie, Content Editor & Artist Coach

“A few years ago, I worked with a faux tree company to celebrate the spooky season by creating a Halloween tree. The theme I wanted to explore was Little Shop of Horrors. ‘Audrey III’ has heads made with paper mache and lots of creepy crawly vines that are glitter painted newsprint wrapped in fake ivy.”

We’ve got more DIY HALLOWEEN IDEAS here. The heads in jars are a can’t-miss!