Watch New Creativebug Classes in June

Flatlay including sunglasses, leather eyeglass case, mallet, wooden pound board, and thread

Craft your way through summer and check out our fresh new classes for June. You can watch the June lookbook here.

June 1: Japanese Sashiko – A Daily Decorative Stitching Practice with Lisa Solomon

Mixed media artist Lisa Solomon sits at a table displaying colorful square of fabric stitched with decorative designs in the Japanese tradition of sashiko

Through the whole month of June, mixed media artist Lisa Solomon will show you 30 designs in the Japanese tradition of sashiko stitching. This beautiful and functional embroidery can be traced back to the thriftiness of 17th century Japanese peasant women. You will learn their traditional patterns which you can then use to make decorative pieces or mend and patch garments with beauty and simplicity. You’ll also enjoy Lisa’s stories about each stitch, whether sharing their historical meanings or anecdotes from her own life.

June 9: Make a Leather Eyeglass Case with Treasure of Nikki&Mallory

Treasure of Nikki&Mallory stands within a bohemian-inspired studio space with pieces of folded leather and a handmade leather eyeglass case

Leathercrafter Treasure of Nikki&Mallory designs handbags, accessories, and home decor with a contemporary style and a bohemian edge. In this class, she shares her expert tips and tricks for working with leather while teaching you how to make a beautiful eyeglass case. The wide range of techniques you’ll learn will prepare you for even more exciting leather projects.

June 16: Make a Geode Painting with Plaid Crafts

Kyra Balentine of Plaid Crafts demonstrates how to make a geode painting with Mod Podge, acrylic paint, and rock salt.

Recreate the dimensional beauty of a geode using an unconventional art material – rock salt. Kyra Balentine, Plaid Craft’s Content Studio Manager, demonstrates how to take your paint pouring to a new level with an intriguing technique to create a geode painting with sparkle and dimension.

June 23: Crochet a Set of Mesh Market Bags with Twinkie Chan

Crochet designer Twinkie Chan sits at a table on one side of the photo. On the other side is a crocheted mesh market bag in ecru.

Just in time for all your summer shopping at the farmers’ market, Twinkie Chan will teach you how to crochet a market bag with an exciting triangular mesh stitch. You’ll also learn how to make a smaller, matching bag with a drawstring for organizing and separating your fruits and vegetables. Both bags are easy to wash and can be used around the house as stylish and earth-friendly storage options.

June 30: STEAM – Make a Foaming Pavlov’s Dog with Jamie Hudson

Jamie Hudson, a PhD chemist and cxrafter, teaches you how to make a foaming Pavlov's dog out of red paper

We all have fond memories of the classic science fair volcano experiment, but it’s time to give that baking soda project a super fun update. PhD chemist and crafter Jamie Hudson will show you how to turn that same chemical reaction into a spouting whale or a drooling Pavlov’s dog. You just need a few basic household supplies and your Cricut to put together zany new friends while also learning a little about chemistry as well as conditioned responses. This is the perfect summer project for kids.

Bonus Class, June 30: Make a Paper Zoetrope with Jamie Hudson

Jamie Hudson demonstrates how to make a paper zoetrope with a Cricut machine

Another fun STEAM class for kids and grown-ups: Jamie Hudson will show you how to make a handheld paper zoetrope which creates an easy 10-frame animation and demonstrates persistence of vision, which tricks the brain into turning many still images into one moving image. This is how all cartoons and movies are made, and you get to make an animation of your own with a Cricut and some poster board.

Creativebug Instagram Live Shows on June 16 and June 24

A photo collage with circular photos of artists Mystele and e bond

Follow Creativebug on Instagram and get notified when we have two very special IG Live shows. On June 16 at 4pm ET / 1pm PT, play with Inky Imagery with Mystele, and on June 24 at 3pm ET / 12pm PT join a very special Q&A with e bond and Faith Hale.

When you complete your fabulous Creativebug projects, don’t forget to post a photo in the class gallery and/or tag #creativebug on social media. We love being inspired by you, too!