Meet Bead Artist, Liz Smith


Have you met Liz Smith yet? This Southern California beading maven came up to San Francisco last year and charmed us with her infectious smile and laid back beading style. We recently launched two of Liz’s beautiful bead workshops and wanted to sit down with her for a little chat on the “Yellow Couch!”

What attracted you to beads and beading? Was it your first “crafting” passion?
I started sewing in sixth grade so that was probably my first craft (unless cutting out paper dolls and dresses counts?)

My friend, Estelle Carlson an incredible weaver, and introduced me to needle weaving and beads.  I was hooked immediately.  She has since passed away, sadly, but I’m reminded of her every day and every time I work on a new beading project.

Who inspired you to start making things?
It was most definitely Estelle.  We taught at the same elementary school, she took me under her wing in many ways, the rest is history.

If you could be anything else in the world what would it be?
That’s tough. I like who I am and can’t think of anything else I’d want to be!
Maybe a beautiful rock formation in Yosemite 🙂

Where do you go for inspiration?
For inspiration, I usually go out to my patio, into the garden, or almost anywhere outside, and then, of course, my local bead stores and bead group meetings.

Favorite craft store in Los Angeles?
I have two – both are where I teach so I wouldn’t even try to choose one over the other. San Gabriel Bead Co. in Arcadia, and Creative Castle in Newbury Park. Not necessarily in Los Angeles proper- but worth the drive.

Favorite place to go in Los Angeles and why?
I have so many favorite places in such a big city- but probably the Music Center for Live Theater or Pasadena Playhouse. (Also not within the city limits, but that’s why we all have cars in Los Angeles.)

What’s object do you treasure the most?
Living objects; my husband, Grant and our cat, Bailey.
Inanimate objects;  my fossils and stones or maybe my yarn, or…

I love and treasure so many things.

Meet Jewelry Artist Liz Smith, on Creativebug from Creativebug on Vimeo.

Find Liz’s Creativebug workshops here.