Kaffe and Anna Maria Talk Dreamy Color

Two of our resident color experts — Kaffe Fasset and Anna Maria Horner — talk color in an AP article that hit the wires yesterday. Both talk about how an eye for color is both intuitive and learned.

Their language is just as compelling and dreamy as their color choices, which makes for a rollicking read. For instance, here’s Kaffe:

“Pick up one color and stick it next to another and see if you get a bounce from it,” says the textile artist. “Colors can either dampen each other or they can light each other up. It’s just fantastic to see color that is pulsating. It’s just vibrating with life. Other times, the most wonderful color is dropping dead because it’s in the company of something that’s killing it.”

Anna Maria Horner on Creativebug

Here’s the full article. And if you want to see their faces brighten as they talk about color choices, we recommend Kaffe’s Rosy Quilt Design Workshop and Anna Maria’s Flying Gosling Baby Quilt. You can practically feel their energy as they both rhapsodize about working with lush color palettes.