Creativebug at the NYPL Crafternoon

Libraries are fertile places for the imagination. So it’s particularly fitting that the monthly Crafternoon series is held in a sunny corner room of the iconic New York Public Library.

This past weekend, Creativebug proudly hosted the event, featuring two of our local NYC artists: Liesl Gibson and Rebecca Ringquist. Rebecca showed how to embroider a sweet or meaningful phrase on a handkerchief, and Liesl taught a tassel technique to add colorful flair to the corners.

Jessica Pigza, the library’s rare books curator (dreamy job!), does an extraordinary job running these monthly events. She even pulled some vintage needlework books from the NYPL archives to spark everyone’s imaginations. There is nothing like the smell of books and the sound of almost ninety people laughing and stitching on a bright afternoon to make your heart feel like spring itself: happy and light.