DIY: How to Make a Cake Stand

DIY Cake Stand

If you want to take your table decor to the next level, literally, it’s time to make some pedestals. They’re easy, they look like a million bucks, and they ensure that dessert stays the focus of attention as it should. Just in case you aren’t already convinced that you need to make a cake stand or five, below is some extremely scientific data that proves it:

Situations a cake stand improves:

Tea parties. Birthday parties. Weddings. Wedding Showers. Baby showers. Normal showers* (for fancy soaps, right?). Dinner. Tuesday.

Things that look better on a stand: 


Number of your friends/dinner guests/random strangers who will be impressed when they see a cake stand full of baked goods on your table: 

All of them.

*NOT normal rain showers. You’ll be much better off with an umbrella.


  • Ceramic plate or dish
  • Wooden vase
  • Epoxy or any other strong liquid adhesive
  • Adhesive mixing bowl and tool
  • Paper or ruler
  • Pencil

Cake Stand Materials

Step 1: Find Your Center

Not in a yoga way. In a ‘let’s keep this cake stand nice and balanced” way. Flip the plate upside down and using a ruler or a piece of paper, find and mark the center of the plate bottom. Next, center the base of your stand over that dot and trace around the base.

Mark Location

Step 2: Prep Adhesive

We used dual tube epoxy cement, but any liquid adhesive that adheres to ceramics and wood will do. Make sure it’s both — ceramic is a slippery surface. We strongly advise against a hot glue gun, unless you want to re-make this plate stand once a week. If you’re using the same epoxy we did, mix equal parts in a disposable container. If you don’t have a disposable container on hand, go eat some yogurt.

Mix Epoxy

Step 3: Apply Glue

Add a generous layer to the top or rim of your base.

Apply Glue

Now, plant the base within the circle you traced earlier. Press down firmly and wipe away any adhesive that may have squeezed out. Allow the stand to dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: Add Baked Goods

This is why you made the thing, yes? Go get your cupcake on.

FInished Plate