Announcing Basic Line Drawing with Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon at Desk

You guys, for the past few weeks, we’ve been as excited as a little kid with something cool to share at Show & Tell.

Only — no offense, kids — ours is better.

Today, we’re very, very proud to announce our upcoming…

Basic Line Drawing Class with Lisa Congdon

Over four class installments, you’ll learn basic stylized line drawing from one of today’s most sought-after illustrators, Lisa Congdon. Over this four-week course, Lisa covers the basics of line drawing, shows you how to build beautiful patterned drawings, and teaches fun projects for integrating line drawing into your repertoire. Whether you are just learning how to draw, or you want to deepen a regular creative practice, this class will fuel your imagination and show you how to create infinite designs from simple shapes.

This class is open only to Creativebug subscribers, but since it’s just $9.95 per month and you get access to Lisa AND all of our other excellent classes, you’re probably signing up as I type this.


Right. Because you are an intelligent human who recognizes a screaming good deal when you see one.

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Class Breakdown

Week 1: Basics

  • Where to begin
  • Working from photo reference
  • Principles of composition
  • Stylized flowers

Week 2: Geometrics

  • Get acquainted with basic shapes
  • Create patterns with geometric shapes
  • How to grow and connect patterns

Week 3: Photographs

  • Use line work from previous classes
  • Work on vintage photos instead of blank canvas
  • Use line drawing patterns to fill in background or create borders

Week 4: Lettering

  • Basic block lettering skills
  • Create your own block letter alphabet
  • A simple exercise to integrate lettering into your drawings

Lisa Congdon Sketch

About Lisa

Lisa Congdon is an illustrator and fine artist. Her paintings and drawings have graced the covers of books, along with wallpaper, tea towels, notebooks and much more. Her clients include Martha Stewart Living Magazine, The Museum of Modern Art, Chronicle Books, Poketo, The Land of Nod, and Urban Outfitters among others. Lisa is primarily self-taught and did not start painting or drawing until she was in her 30s. In addition to illustration, she periodically shows her work in galleries around the country. She is the author of A Collection A Day, Whatever You Are, Be a Good One and Art Inc. She keeps a popular daily blog of her work and inspiration called Today is Going to Be Awesome.

Lisa Congdon

We Bet You’re Wondering…

What’s this new kind of class?

We all love project classes, but many of you asked for a deeper dive on topics near and dear to your heart. So we’re debuting monthly workalong classes that focus on fundamentals. Every month we will bring you a new topic, with weekly video installments. And access to the instructor through weekly live chats so you can follow right along and ask questions as the class progresses.

Do I get these classes with my subscription?

Yes indeedy. Every month’s workalong course is available only to subscribers. That includes access to the weekly live chats and downloads. So not only does ten bucks a month get you hundreds of classes and two new classes every week, but also a new workalong course every month. It’s a crazy good deal, folks.

I just found out about this course and it’s already underway. Can I still join?

Yes, you can join at any time. You will be able to watch any previous episodes that have already been released. If you join late, you will miss out on participating in the weekly live chats since they are, well, live. But we archive them so you can still hear what everyone was talking about.