Line Drawing with Lisa Congdon: Class Supplies List & What You Need to Know

Lisa sketching

If you’re planning to take Line Drawing with Lisa Congdon, we’ve assembled a list of recommended class supplies so you can hit the ground running doodling. Lisa likes to call this class “super doodling”– which means you don’t need fancy materials to get started. As the class progresses, Lisa will incorporate more specific materials, all of which are listed below. We’ve also addressed some of the most frequently-asked questions about the class:

1. I’m going to miss the live chats. Will I get a recording?

Yes. We will make recordings of the live chats available to everyone shortly following the discussion.

2. Is the class going to fill up?

No. Since the class is online, anyone and everyone who wants to take it is welcome. Class capacity = infinity.

And remember: All you need to do to get access to the classes is sign up for $9.95/month Creativebug subscription. This is a screaming deal, folks. Not only do you get access to Lisa’s four weeks of amazing instruction and live chats, but you can also check out the many, many other video workshops on the Creativebug site. Trust us — there are some good ones.

3. Why don’t I see the classes online?

Because they don’t start until Tuesday, March 4th silly. Check back then.

4. I have a spotty internet connection. Is there another way I can watch the classes?

We’ll be adding the long form class to app soon! At that point, you will also be able to watch Lisa’s classes via the Creativebug app on your smartphone or tablet. We will let you know as soon as the long form classes are available on the app.

Materials Lisa Recommends

  • Smooth 9×12 drawing paper
  • Mircon pens (in sizes 1, 08 and 05)
  • Kraft paper
  • Black drawing paper
  • Lined notebook paper
  • Ultrafine paint pens (in white)
  • #2 pencil.

All the photos she works from will be available as a download through Creativebug.

Lisa Congdon Messy Apron