Love Spoons? Come to the 3636 Project Opening.


Bay Area Locals:

Looking for something cool, artsy, and spoon-themed to go to this Friday?

If yes, we strongly recommend attending the opening of Courtney Cerruti’s 3636 Project at Paxton Gate Kids on Valencia.

Here’s the project’s backstory, by Courtney:

“About a year and a half I go I met this guy at APE. He was selling these beautifully drawn faces and characters on wooden objects. I wanted them all! I started following Willie on instagram and made him my friend… we’re friends, Willie, right? 

Then, about a year ago, Jersey Picker posted a picture on Instagram of a huge pile of wooden spoons. I thought I wanted them all for something, but I didn’t quite know what. I kept that image of a mass of old and worn wooden spoons in the back of my head.

Last, my friend Lisa, while on one of her many trips, posted this pic of a wall in a restaurant and for me, everything clicked. I contacted Jersey Picker to see if he had any spoons left. He had 36, and sent them all to me. I texted Willie to see if he wanted a spoon, I chose 35 other friends and artists from Instagram to participate, and the #3636project began.”

3636 project spoons

photo by ccerruti

What: 3636 Project

Who: See the work of Creativebug artists Courtney Cerruti, Lisa CongdonSam O’Leary, Christine Schmidt, Molly Hatch, and Diana Fayt.

Where: Paxton Gate

824 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA

When: 6-8pm

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See you there. All the cool kids are going.