Turkish Flat Weave Bracelet Madness – A Simple DIY Pattern Addition

Turkish Flat Weave DIY

San Francisco’s buses are maddeningly slow. I live three miles from our beautiful new office and it takes me the better part of an hour to get home each day. Most people would be bothered by this lack of efficiency, but I’ve learned to use this time to decompress and do one of my favorite things in the world: CRAFT!

After road testing dozens of Creativebug classes, I found the perfect project for my commute. I can make this project, start to finish, in the 45 minutes it takes me to get home, (a major bonus for an ADD crafter like me). Alix Bluh’s Turkish Flat Weave Bracelet is my new BFF. I’ve stitched these bracelets on the bus, on my lunch break, at baseball games. I’ve even whipped out my crochet hook and beads on a kayak in the middle of Lake Tahoe…. I wish I was joking. It’s become a minor obsession.

Turkish Flat Weave DIY - Road Tested

After making the standard bracelet a few dozen times, I was itching to add my own variation to the project. Besides choosing different color beads and thread (Alix and I both get our thread supply from Marion Jewels In Fiber, who carries amazing colors) the technique stays the same. I was inspired by Anna Maria’s crochet edge scarf, and made up a quick and easy way to encase the outer beads with a tiny scallop edge.

Turkish Flat Weave Bracelet - Crochet Edge

My friend Martta asked me to share how I achieved this new look, so I whipped together this quick tutorial.

How To Add a Crocheted Edge To Your Turkish Flat Weave Bracelet

Once you have completed a Flat Weave Bracelet as Alix teaches you, grab more of the nylon thread. It can be the same color or different, your choice. I chose a contrasting color here to make it easier to see. Make a slip knot and crochet one stitch into the right side of the very last bead.

Turkish Flat Weave Bracelet - Getting Started

After you’ve attached the thread to the bracelet, chain three. Crochet one into the right side of the next bead. Chain three. Crochet one into the right side of the next bead. Chain three. And on and on.

Turkish Flat Weave Bracelet - Edging DIY

Continue all the way around and finish the thread tails the way Alix does in her workshop.

Turkish Flat Weave Bracelet - Edging Finished

Once you get over any initial fear of the eensy thread and crochet hook, you’ll find yourself making these bracelets everywhere you go. Share your work in progress by tagging us (@creativebug) in an Instagram or Facebook photo! I’d love to see what you stitch up.

I’ll be the one on the bus, happily stitching and oblivious to how slowly we’re crawling along.