Story Quilt Staff Projects

With thousands of classes on our site, it’s rare that multiple staffers are taking the same class at the same time. However, the stars aligned when Heidi Parkes came out with her Story Quilt Daily Practice class this July and several staff members decided to take the plunge. Among them were experienced quilters and new sewists, painters and crocheters and busy mamas, but they all were excited to take the time to learn something new every day. Having access to an extremely well-stocked craft closet certainly didn’t hurt!

A Story Quilt made by Heidi Parks

Tyffany, Graphic Designer

Why did you want to take this class? I’ve followed Heidi and admired her work for ages! I really like the idea of improv quilting in general. I hate measuring and following traditional patterns – I could never.

What was your favorite prompt? Definitely Day 13, Improv Patchwork, but I loved learning all of Heidi’s techniques throughout the series.

What’s next? I was so inspired by the improv block that I started watching Sheri Lynn Wood’s quilting classes. I have 4-5 quilts going at all times so it’s all over the place!

Tyffany’s favorite prompt was Day 13 – Patchwork improv

Faith, Content Editor

Why did you want to take this class? My sewing machines are currently packed away so I was excited to work on a project that required a lot of hand sewing.

What was your favorite prompt? Trapunto! (Day 26). I didn’t like it at all at first and thought it had no place on my quilt but after making a 3D worm, it’s become the focal point of the entire quilt. It’s ridiculous and I love it.

What’s next? Quilting quilting quilting! It’s pretty hot where I am but I’m determined!

Faith’s response to Day 21: Something that stays at home

Stephanie, Content Editor & Artist Coach

Why did you want to take this class? I’m currently trying to take a break from crocheting but have been desperately looking for something else to do with my hands, just for a little bit each day, and Heidi’s daily practice was just the right amount of daily “homework” with approachable prompts for a beginner like me.

What was your favorite prompt?  Days 24/25 – creating an applique with a template: I decided to applique the cute snap peas my bestie left in the fridge for me that day because I’m trying to eat a wider variety of plants.

What’s next? Wearing it! I opted to stitch along on a linen dress rather than a quilt top.

Steph’s completed dress and a highlight of appliqué, embroidery, and trapunto

Nicola, Director/Video Editor

Why did you want to take this class? I was inspired to do the Story Quilt top while filming with Heidi. Seeing her effortlessly applique and embroider prompts, then witnessing the quilt come together got me so excited to try!

What was your favorite prompt? My favorite was to embroider an organic shape. Ever since college, I’ve really enjoyed drawing hands, and it was really cool to bring that to this quilt top. I embroidered the ASL sign for Q -for quilt!

What’s next? I think I’m finally finished with adding components to the quilt top, so it’s time to get quilting! I’m planning to explore quilting in both curved and straight lines, but I’ve never quilted anything before so I’m expecting it to take me quite a long time.

Nicola’s interpretation of Day 5: A hand using ASL to spell out the letter Q

Courtney, Editor-in-Chief

Why did you want to take this class? I was excited to try a quilt top that was not planned in advance.

What was your favorite prompt? My favorite prompt was the calendar; I love the myriad interpretations of a calendar and the visuals are always so striking.

What’s next? I need to finish up the last few days of prompts and plan out how I’ll back it, then I need to quilt it and bind it.

Courtney’s version of her favorite prompt, Day 23: Mark the passage of time

Cobrina, Artist Coach

Why did you want to take this class? I was curious about the less conventional quilting format (opposed to piecework) and loved the idea of others (specifically my coworkers) working on the same project at the same time.

What was your favorite prompt? I loved the marking of time prompt – there was so much room for interpretation in this one while still being generally recognizable by those in the know.

What’s next? I am loving the (slow, difficult) process of hand quilting and look forward to giving to friends as a wedding gift.

Cobrina thematically combined two day’s prompts to recreate these leather house shoes

If this post got you excited to get stitching, check out Heidi’s Daily Practice Story Quilt Top or her other Creativebug classes.