St. Patrick’s Day Crafts Round Up

Clover Collage

St. Patrick’s Day is about more than green beer and kissing Irish people.


It’s about being crafty, celebrating an awesome culture and country, and maybe eating some chocolate wrapped in gold. It was tough, but we spent some time collecting our favorite St. Patrick’s Day DIYs for you all.

Here’s how to make this St. Patrick’s Day a celebration of all things green, Irish, and lucky.

Start with a Four Leaf Clover

Clover Collage

Clockwise from left:

Make paper clover cake toppers, sew felt clovers for lapel or hair accessories, or learn how to find and grow your own four leaf clovers.

Find a Pot of Gold

Gold Collage

Clockwise from left:

Wear your pot of gold on your wrist, make some of your own chic golden terra cotta pots, or paint some stones with gold paint and go on a treasure hunt with your kids.

Make Your Own Rainbow

Rainbow Collage

Clockwise from left:

Make Lucky Charms-inspired St. Patrick’s Day Cereal Bars, a crazy-awesome rainbow pom pom collar and Crepe Rainbow Party Decor.

Seriously over the rainbow about those cereal bars.

Capture a Leprechaun

Leprechaun Collage

Clockwise from left:

Bake a leprechaun trap, wear some lucky leprechaun dust around your neck or make mini leprechaun bouquets with your little ones.