St. Patrick’s Day DIY: Lucky Scratcher


Everyone can use a little extra luck! This St. Patrick’s Day DIY is fun for kids and adults alike, and comes together surprisingly fast. You (gasp) probably have everything you need at your house already to make these lucky scratchers.


Making your own scratchers is easy and doesn’t require a lot of shopping. You’re welcome.

To begin, you’ll want to print out the scratchers (templates at the end of this post) on cardstock and trim them down to 4″x6″ (lucky horseshoes) and 5″x7″ (lucky shamrocks). You’ll also want to gather the following:

  • Gold metallic craft paint
  • Small dish and foam paint brush
  • Packing tape
  • Dish soap
  • Scissors
  • Wax paper
  • A coin

Print & Cover

To make your scratcher, begin by layering packing tape over your entire scratcher. You can overlap the strips of tape a little for extra coverage. You want to avoid having gaps between strips of tape. Any exposed paper will absorb the paint in the next step and won’t scratch away, so more tape here is better than less. TAPETAPETAPETAPETAPE.



Trim away excess tape and cover your work area with a sheet of wax paper or newspaper.



In a small dish, mix 1 part craft paint to one part dish soap until combined. The soap doesn’t have to be clear; I’ve made scratchers using bright blue soap!


Paint a thick layer of paint mixture over the entire surface of your scratcher and let dry completely; about 15 – 30 min.



Once your scratcher is dry, pop it in a green envelope with a penny for luck and give to a friend! Use the penny or other good luck coin to scratch away the paint and reveal a lucky horseshoe or four leaf clover. Let’s face it: Everyone is a winner with these scratchers. Determine what you might give to the lucky guy or gal… an Irish kiss, a dinner of cabbage and potatoes, a Guinness? A pot of gold? A double complete rainbow?

We’ll let you decide.

Happy scratching!


Scratcher Templates

Right click to save the image to your desktop.


horshoelucky luckyyouscratcher