Round-Up: DIY Teepees and Tents

summer teepee

Everyone has a soft spot for teepees and tents, whether you’re a kid in need of a fort or an adult who appreciates a good reading nook. Here’s our list of our favorite DIY teepees and tents.

Our Favorite DIY Teepees and Tents

Because summer is about getting away from it all. Including your house.

Simple A-Frame Tent

Have a hammer and some nails? You can totally make this tent by My Cakies.

a frame

Hand-Printed A-Frame Tent

Take your A-frame to the next level with hand printing and some tassels. Tassels make everything better.


Sheet & Rope Tent

This one’s easy. String a rope between two trees and wildly throw every sheet you own over it. I’m sure the result will be the same.

sheet tent

No-Sew Summer Teepee

Make a wee teepee, make a little kid’s day. That’s science right there.

summer teepee

Over-the-Top Valentine’s Day Fort

This fort is the layered, boho-chic cousin of these other forts. Finally a way to use your sarongs in the off-season.

valentine's day fort

Hanging Hula Hoop Canopy

Ingredients include an old hula hoop, vintage sheets, and adorable pom pom edging.

hula hoop canopy

Vintage Supplies = Teepee

This one requires a little sewing, but the result is a roomy escape on your lawn.

Vintage sheet teepee

 Woven Fabric-Scrap Teepee

NO charming vintage sheets on hand? That’s fine. Turn fabric scraps into a sturdy little fort your kids can enjoy.


Yarn-Bomb Teepee

“I made this yarn-wrapped tee-pee purely for dancing.” – Natalie Miller

yarn tee pee