Creativebug Presents August

Creativebug Presents August

August is a month that involves sucking the last bit of fun out of every single day. Enjoy your days before school starts, before the days get shorter, before it’s not acceptable to wear shorts and flip flops everywhere you go.

And that’s why you should spend August learning some new skills and making things with your own two hands. Because in our opinion, there’s nothing better than that.

Creativebug Presents August

New classes in August 2014 will include:
Art Journaling with Dawn Sokol
Kids Crafts with Annabel Wrigley
How to Can Tomatoes with Karen Solomon
Cricut Paper Projects
Leather Basics with Elke Bergeron
Upcycling a Bridesmaid Dress with Marisa Lynch

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  1. can not get into your sight, signed up this morning, very dishearting.

    1. Hi Betty – oh no! We definitely want you to have access. Can you shoot an email to and describe your problem logging in? They’ll get it straightened out in no time.

  2. I signed up for the art journaling and sent a note the next day to cancel my account. I have had no response from your organization. Please cancel the $10/month and my registration. Thank you

    1. Hi Anita,

      If your account hasn’t already been canceled, please send an email to They’ll get you sorted out right away.

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