The Future is Bright

In January of 2012, we yelled “Action” on our very first video shoot. In May, we popped some champagne corks, flipped a virtual switch, and our website went live.

Today is another milestone.

Creativebug has become part of the Demand Media family.

We love what we do – it’s a joy and an honor to build Creativebug with and for you. Happily, Demand Media loves what we do too. So even though the news was made public today, none of that will change. This means the same content, workshops, and instructors – only a lot more of it. A lot more features. A lot more resources to turn our ideas into reality.

Since that very first shoot in Jody Alexander’s studio in Santa Cruz, we have been steadfastly focused on the quality of our product – from who teaches on our site to our production standards to dreaming up what’s next. We are enormously excited to continue down that path with you.

One thing has been true from day one: we can never anticipate what will happen next. That’s the thrill and the promise of doing something new. We know more great things are ahead, and we are so grateful you are along for the ride.


Jeanne, Julie and Kelly