Lucky Bunting

Lucky Bunting

Instead of eating your potatoes this St. Patrick’s Day make something with them! Carve shamrock potato stamps and create your own luck with this quick and easy Lucky Bunting.

To make your bunting, you will need: Scrap fabric (I’m using leftovers from another project but you could use muslin or even paper), acrylic paint, paper plate, piece of crafting felt, pinking shears, twine and needle with a large eye, pairing knife, and potato of course!

Cut Fabric

Using scrap fabric, cut strips into flags using pinking shears. These little flags are about 1.5″ x 2″ but they can be any size you like. You can also make them out of muslin or paper. I used fabrics in white, pale grey, and various shades of green. You can use whatever you like and works with your decor, but make sure your paint contrasts enough that the stamp will pop.

Making Stamp Pad

I made my own stamp pad using Yellow Owl Workshop’s method.

Stamping Flags

Carve your potato stamp into a shamrock shape. Refer to the Yellow Owl workshop class if you need a refresher on carving your stamp. Test your potato stamp to make sure you like the shape of your shamrock. I adjusted the shape a little before stamping all my flags.


Using potato scraps, I cut two extra stamps. One short line (about 3/4″ long) and one longer line. I used these to stamp out the word¬†Lucky.

Sew the Bunting

String together your bunting using thread or twine. Start by sewing through the flag from front to back so that the twine is mostly on the back. Because the twine is fairly rough in texture, I could string each flag on without securing them into place with a stitch. The little flags don’t slip and slide along the twine either. In some places I added a few blank scraps of fabric to vary the color along the way. Hang your bunting for instant Luck!