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Lisa Solomon is an artist and mother. Primarily working in thread, Lisa’s instagram feed offers a glimpse into her life, but don’t expect cherry pies and stitch samplers. Lisa’s “Look Up and Down” picture pairings offer up two seemingly unrelated images that create their own narrative. You might also spy a picture her daughter here and there, never catching more that a leg, and arm or the movement of child running off to play. Despite never getting a full look into Lisa’s life, her generosity and openness speaks loud and clear in each image. We had a chance to ask Lisa how and why she uses instagram. Here’s what she had to say:
CBug: When did you start making/creating/your career in art?
I’ve been making stuff for as long as I can remember. My “official” and “professional” art career really started when I finished grad school. Um that would be 10 years ago now [gulp. I’m OLD].
CBug: What inspires you?
I think the better question would be what DOESN’T inspire me. That would be things like headaches. I pretty much can find inspiration in anything – patterns, colors, shapes, the sidewalk, the way the light hits something, good food, good friends, nature, my daughter…. I’ll stop now, but I think you get the picture.
CBug: What do you like about instagram?
Instagram reminds me of blogging and flickr forever ago – when you could see/read about what your online friends were doing and comment and participate in their day. It feels communal and tight knit to me more than other social media– maybe because I’m visually tuned it I just love scrolling thru my friend’s moments. What have they found inspiring/important/funny/interesting today?
It also is a means to document what I find inspiring/funny/interesting and share it with my friends. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so accessible my phone is with me always and I already took pictures of stuff ALL the time…
CBug: Whose instagram feeds do you look to for daily inspiration?
Oh that’s so hard. I’ll just pick 3 [and I’m really randomly picking them. I love everyone I follow – and even some people I don’t technically follow – I just check their feed incessantly]

Thanks Lisa! Be sure to follow this talented Instagramer – @lisasolomon And check out her upcoming show at Fouladi Projects opening Nov 15th.

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