In the Studio with Rebecca Ringquist

Today we’re so excited to give you a glimpse into the workspace of one of our amazing instructors, Rebecca Ringquist. We adore Rebecca and her beautiful embroidered art. She is an excellent teacher so if you have always wanted to try your hand at embroidery but haven’t been sure where to start definitely check out her classes. Rebecca recently moved into a new studio, she tells us she’s still settling in, but was kind enough to share some photos. Enjoy!

Studio-Artist Definition (1 of 1)

This is a photo of one of my design walls with a favorite quote about artists- that’s been hanging on every studio I’ve ever had. I love that it opens the definition way up.

Rebecca Ringquist photos

The Canada Dry rack was in my parent’s basement for years and when I moved from the midwest to New York three years ago, they gave it to me. I love it so much.

Rebecca Ringquist Studio

Drawing is really important to my process, and I’m trying to do a lot more of it lately. In my tiny little studio I’ve got three areas, one for sewing and embroidery, one for packaging up orders, and a big table for drawing, with everything laid out and ready to go; pencils, gouache, sketchbooks, and glue. I try my hardest to start everyday with a little doodling.

Thank you so much for sharing your studio space with us Rebecca! It’s so nice to be able to peek inside your creative world. To see more of Rebecca’s artwork check out her website, to follow along with her visit her blog and Facebook page.