Bringing the Set Home

One of the many inspiring things since starting to work here at Creativebug is the diverse set decoration for the shoots that happen in our studio. Creativebug instructor and in-house artist coach, Courtney Cerruti, is the mastermind behind the many sets you see as the backdrop for our classes. In preparation for a recent shoot with¬†Rebecca Ringquist,¬†Courtney created these amazing yarn banners that manage to feel fresh and 1970s at the same time. Once Courtney installed them, some of us quickly claimed which ones we wanted to take home for ourselves. Courtney was kind enough to indulge us, so a few of us now have Courtney’s handiwork adding color and texture to our walls. Above is a shot of Ava’s bedroom, and below the one I was lucky enough to bring home.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 11.55.16 AM

Below is a photo of what these banners looked like in the studio, if I could fill my entire home with them I would!

Courtney's Yarn Banners