fall wreath

Here is why you need to make a fall-themed chandelier:

  1. Because sometimes you read Kelly Wilkinson‘s book, Weekend Handmade, and realize you can’t live another second without a Willow Chandelier in your life.
  2. The holidays are fast approaching and this is some seriously impressive party decor.
  3. It smells fantastic.
  4. Have you looked at it yet?

fall wreath

Want to make your own? (The answer is yes, yes you do.)

Step 1: Plant a willow tree. Get yourself some willow branches from the nearest craft supply store or friendly neighbor. In fact, here’s a list of everything you’ll need to make this earthy-and-totally-adorable fall wreath:


  • Willow branches
  • Thin gauge wire
  • Scissors
  • String or embroidery floss
  • Ornaments
  • (Optional) Pine branches, berries, or other natural accents

wreath supplies 1

Step 2: Create Your Wreath

Separate your willow branches into two bundles.

willow bundles

Using wire, bind each bundle along the length.

Expert tip: if you’re using wire (recommended over string), bend a length in half, wrap it around the branches, and then feed the ends through the loop like you’re tying a slip knot. Pull it tight, and wrap the remaining wire around the branches to secure them.

bundle wrapping

Next, place the bundles end to end, form a rough circle or oval, and secure with more wire. Feel free to trim wayward branches as you go.

fall wreath frame

Step 3: Make Your Ornaments

We used decorative pinecones (Tiny pinecones are the cutest. Seriously.) and some fall foliage to pretty up our willow frame.

To make these woodsy ornaments, we paired varying sizes of pinecones and wrapped the stems with embroidery floss. Anchor the top and bottom with knots so that your chandelier doesn’t turn into a piñata. Leave enough excess string at the bottom of each ornament so you can easily tie the ornaments to the chandelier.

Eight ornaments makes for a healthily-decorated wreath, but feel free to add more or less, depending on how much time (and pinecones) you have on your hands.

pinecone ornaments

Step 4: Stringing It Together

This is the moment the mess turns into a thing: A thing that is a beautiful chandelier that will impress your friends and give your parents bragging rights. Ready?

Cut two lengths of string, roughly 2′ long. Arrange them in a loose X over your willow frame and attach them to the top branches. Gather those strings at the top, make sure your frame is hanging evenly, and tie a loop with both strings.

hanging the wreath

Next, attach the ornaments to the bottom of the wreath. Just thread the excess string over a branch and knot it securely. We made the grouping a little asymmetrical because we’re into that. If your ornaments are perfectly spaced and evenly hung, don’t feel bad: There are no mistakes in art.

Step 5: Add Some Flair

If you have additional goodies to add to your chandelier, now’s the time. Pine boughs, berries, feathers, pompoms, flowers, fairy lights…all excellent, excellent ideas. In fact, please let us know if you go hog wild on your own chandelier. We’ll be so proud.

natural accessories

Unless you bound your branches very tightly, you should be able to weave in any accessories without too much trouble, like we did. However, there is no shame in using a little extra wire, string, or whipping out the hot glue gun.

add foliage to wreath

Step 6: Hang in a High-Traffic Area and Prepare to Accept Compliments

We have to know: What would you, Creativebug extraordinaire, add to your DIY chandelier?