Radmegan’s Home Recipes: Fake Burns & Bruises for Halloween


Last year around Halloween, I became mildly obsessed with “Monster Makeup.” I had been watching way too many television shows about zombies and wanted to make really gross looking burns and bruises a home.  Turns out, there are really easy ways to do this!

My favorite trick is making fake burns at home. (This one REALLY grosses out my husband.) After buying a very tiny and very expensive vial of “fake burn powder” last year, I scrutinized the ingredients and realized that it was made of mostly Gelatin with a little bit of coloring! I could do that! I grabbed an old tube of blood red lipstick and an old bottle of mascara (to add a little “char”) and got to work! Here’s how I make my fake burns at home:
Next up, an easy-to-make black eye or bruise. 
(Also one my husband hates!)
You can get the same look with eye shadow, but when I found this “Bruise Wheel” for sale, I scooped it up and fell in love! It’s cream-based color that washes off really easily.
Here are the application steps I used to give myself a black eye (the painless way!)
If you are interested, there’s still time to buy one before Halloween.
I’ve hosted a handful of Halloween parties for children using these fake burns and bruises. You would be surprised how excited little boys and girls get about looking creepy! The Gelatin CAN peel right off, but I prefer to wash it off with warm water. Same for the fake bruises; a little warm water and soap will get your child looking ship-shape in no time!
Happy almost Halloween!

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  1. THAT IS AMAZING! great tips, Thank you! I will be freaking out my husband thisd week!

  2. Hello! I was wondering if it cracks or peels off at all and if doing an entire arm or side of face would be too much for regular gelatin like that. It looks great!!

  3. That’s fantastic Ambrielle! Have fun! 🙂

    Kimi- thanks for the comment. A couple of tips about the gelatin:
    It sticks to your body very well. I would recommend covering your arm in patches. If you cover an entire arm, and then flexed or twisted your muscles/skin, you could run the risk of accidentally cracking the gelatin, and worse, pulling out some arm hair (like pulling off a sticky Band Aid!) That said, I’ve covered half my face and most of my forearms with the gelatin mixture before and it felt fine and looked gross/great for hours. I removed it later that night with warm soap and water.

    I’d also suggest testing this on a small section of skin first to test for allergies. Ya never know. 🙂 Have fun! And I’d love to see photos of what you end up doing with it! Post them on the Creativebug or Radmegan facebook pages if you get a chance! xoxo

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