Yellow Couch Series: A visit from Anne of flax & twine

We were so excited that Anne Weil of flax & twine stopped by on her way back from teaching at the Create. Explore. Discover. weekend retreat in Truckee. Anne is like a ray of sunshine, all smiles and overflowing with creativity. Whenever an artist/creative stops by the studio, we like to pose a few questions just for fun and Anne was nice enough to oblige….

What are your ideal ingredients for a perfect afternoon?

My favorite afternoon is a cool, yet sunny, sweater-kind-of-day, where the sun is just warm enough to nudge the chill from you. It is the kind of afternoon that urges you to turn your face to the sun, close your eyes and soak up the rays as you listen to the world around you. It’s best if you’re surrounded by loved ones and you can hear the kids playing soccer, the dog’s jingling collar or simply the wind rustling the trees. That kind of afternoon is so beautiful, you can’t be anywhere but there in the present moment. Hmm, can I have one of those right now?

What is your favorite smell?
I love the smell that comes from pine needles warming in the sun– it’s clean and earthy and feels wonderfully unimpaired by human influence.

What color makes you happy?
A good warm white, one that is cozy, not cold, makes me happy. It’s the kind of white that makes almost any color next to it look bright and sunny and luscious.

When you’re in a rut, what inspires you without fault?
My kids inspire me without fault. Their ideas are so free of any limitations, they always open up new possibilities for me. I ask them: how would you solve this problem? Or, what do you think of this? and we usually end up in fabulous new places that I couldn’t possibly have imagined.