121 DIY & Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas from Creativebug

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and what better way to infuse the spirit of the season than with thoughtful, handmade gifts? In our fast-paced world, there’s something undeniably special about a present crafted with love and creativity. This holiday season, we curated a sensational DIY & Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas Guide for 2023. From the warmth of your home to the hearts of your loved ones, join us on a festive journey as we unwrap the joy of crafting and explore unique, personalized gift ideas that transcend the ordinary. Let the holiday crafting magic begin!

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121 Handmade Gift Ideas

With 120+ gift ideas, you are sure to find an idea for everyone on your list! We have made it easy to view at a glance with our helpful tags. You can see which type of skills are needed for each gift idea (sewing, crocheting etc.) and we have tagged which gifts would be best for teens or kids. If you are looking to brush up on your skills before the holidays, check out our Sewing Learning Journey, Crochet Learning Journey, and Knit Techniques classes.

  1. Crochet an Heirloom Granny Hexagon Stocking | crochet, Christmas, stocking
  2. From My Kitchen to Yours: A Month of Giftable Goods & Recipes | baking, cooking, food
  3. Sew a Stash-Busting Stocking | sewing, Christmas, stocking
  4. Sew a Quilted Laptop Slipcase | sewing, upcycled, teens
  5. Crochet Ribbed Socks | crochet, socks
  6. Accordion Book as Art Form | paper, bookmaking
  7. Embroidered Pencil Case | embroidery, kids
  8. Love Letter Quilt Top: A Daily Practice | sewing, embroidery, heirloom
  9. Sew Animal Baby Slippers | sewing, kids
  10. Sew Animal Placemats | sewing, kids
  11. Sew a Fabric Whale Baby Teether | sewing, kids
  12. Sustainable Play: Make a Dollhouse Cafe | upcycled, kids
  13. Easy Dyed Play Silks and Capes | kids
  14. Sustainable Play: Upcycled Alphabet Daily Practice | upcycled, kids
  15. Make Paper Pajaki Chandeliers | paper, teens
  16. Embroidered Botanical Pattern Weights | embroidery
  17. Knit Headbands: Three Ways | knit
  18. Make Confetti Dangle Earrings with Polymer Clay | clay, jewelry
  19. Embroidered Heart Ornaments | embroidery
  20. Crochet an Amigurumi Turtle | crochet, kids, teens
  21. Crochet an Amigurumi Rocketship | crochet, kids, teens
  22. Crochet an Amigurumi Potted Cactus | crochet, kids, teens
  23. Crochet an Amigurumi Pencil | crochet, kids, teens
  24. Crochet an Amigurumi Shooting Star | crochet, kids, teens
  25. Crochet a Wild Animal Rug | crochet, kids, teens
  26. Woven Paper Star | paper, ornament
  27. Embroidered Snowflake Ornaments | embroidery, ornament
  28. Celebrate the Season: A Daily Holiday Painting Practice | painting, Christmas, Hanukkah
  29. Make Ornaments with Polymer Clay and Transfers | clay, ornament, Christmas
  30. Botanical Boughs for All Seasons | decor
  31. Toe-Up Crocheted Socks in the Round | crochet, socks
  32. Make Beeswax Celebration Candles | Hanukkah
  33. Salt Dough Ornaments | baking, ornament, Christmas
  34. Knotted Pantry Bag | decor
  35. Fabric Scrap Ornaments | sewing, ornament, Christmas
  36. Draft and Sew a Pair of Pajama Pants | sewing, teens, kids
  37. Hand-Stitched Needle Case | sewing, embroidery
  38. Make a Custom Herbal Tea Blend | baking
  39. Make Natural Perfume | body
  40. Make a Bath Soak and Body Scrub | body
  41. Make Scented Sprays for the Home | home
  42. Make Herbal Tinctures | body
  43. Handmade Candles: Two Ways | home
  44. Make the Rainbow Road Mini Quilt | quilt, decor, teens
  45. Sew a Puzzle Ball | sewing, kids, pets
  46. Design Your Own Crochet Shawl | crochet, clothing
  47. Make Watercolor Marbled Hair Clips with Polymer Clay | clay, jewelry
  48. Sew a Color Wheel Pillow | sewing, decor
  49. Story Quilt Top: A Daily Practice in Hand Stitching | sewing, embroidery, heirloom
  50. Make a Modern Log Cabin Lap Quilt | quilt, decor
  51. Paint a Portrait in Oils | painting, heirloom
  52. Sew the Ara Quilted Overcoat | sewing, upcycled, teens
  53. Sew the Triangle Bag | sewing, bag
  54. Make Resin Paperweights | kids, teens
  55. 30 Structures in 30 Days: A Daily Practice in Bookmaking | bookmaking
  56. Jewelry Design with Scotchbonnet!: Working with Wooden Accents | jewelry
  57. Make a Doodle Quilt | quilt
  58. Make Resin Jewelry | jewelry, teens
  59. Jewelry Design with Scotchbonnet!: Working with Fabric | sewing, jewelry
  60. Sew the Liz Quilted Liner Jacket | sewing, upcycled, teens
  61. Make a Leather Belt | clothing
  62. Sew a Quiet Adventure Book for Baby | sewing, kids
  63. Crochet a Child’s Crown and Star Wand ‚Äč | crochet, kids
  64. Corner to Corner Crochet: Make an Evergreen Tree Pillow | crochet, decor, Christmas
  65. Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt Using EZ Quilting Templates | sewing, Christmas
  66. Make a Leather Bucket Bag | sewing, bag
  67. Crochet a Lacy Top | crochet, clothing
  68. Jewelry Design with Scotchbonnet!: Working With a Bead Loom | jewelry
  69. Stencil a Statement Tote | bag, teens
  70. Sew a Zippered Makeup Bag | sewing, teens
  71. Thread Painting: Embroider with Pressed Flowers | embroidery, decor
  72. DIY Letter Decor | painting, decor, kids
  73. Crochet a Set of Mesh Market Bags | crochet, bag
  74. Make a Geode Painting | painting, decor, kids
  75. Make a Leather Eyeglass Case | sewing, bag
  76. Make a Leather Card Wallet | sewing, bag
  77. Make a Leather Cell Phone Bag | sewing, bag, teens
  78. Sew a Reversible Apron Dress | sewing, clothing
  79. Thread Painting: Embroider Spring Blooms | embroidery, decor
  80. STEAM: Make a Chomping Shark | kids
  81. Make Soap Three Ways | body
  82. Sew the Ella Blouse | sewing, clothing
  83. Make Hand and Body Salve | body
  84. Make Friendship Bracelets | kids
  85. STEAM: Make an Animatronic Owl Figure | kids
  86. Make an Herbal Infused Body Oil | body
  87. Sew a Trio of Hair Accessories | sewing, kids, teens
  88. Wardrobe Basics: Sew Dress No. 3 | sewing, clothing
  89. Embroidered ABC Wall Hanging: A Daily Practice | embroidery, decor, kids
  90. Sew the Adelina Dress | sewing, clothing
  91. Thread Painting: Embroider Evergreen Trees | embroidery, decor
  92. Sew a Christmas Stocking Using EZ Quilting Templates | sewing, Christmas, stocking
  93. Sew an Advent Calendar using EZ Quilting Templates | sewing, Christmas, kids
  94. Crochet a Donut Rattle | crochet, kids
  95. Wardrobe Basics: Sew Shirt No. 2 | sewing, clothing
  96. Embroidered Florals | embroidery, decor
  97. Sew the Nina Jumpsuit | sewing, clothing
  98. Patchwork Landscape Wall Hanging | quilt, decor
  99. Botanical Leaf Embroidery | embroidery, decor
  100. Landscape Watercolor Painting: Working from Photos | painting, decor
  101. Landscape Embroidery | embroidery, decor
  102. Sew the Adrienne Blouse | sewing, clothing
  103. Glowforge Projects: Engraved Wooden Sign | decor
  104. Glowforge Projects: Engraved Slate Tray | decor
  105. Marbled Embroidery | embroidery, decor
  106. Sew a Luckyjuju Cat Doll | sewing, kids
  107. Sew a Lumbar Pillow | sewing, decor
  108. Watercolor Lettering – A Daily Practice | painting, decor
  109. Sew the Cambria Duster | sewing, clothing
  110. Cricut Crafts: Winter Trees Decor | paper, decor, Christmas
  111. Sew a Reversible Table Runner | sewing, decor
  112. Sew an Infinity Apron | sewing, clothing
  113. Glowforge Projects: Monogrammed Wreath | decor, Christmas
  114. Cricut Crafts: Winter Placemat | decor
  115. Knit Gifts for Baby | knit, kids
  116. Sew a Luckyjuju Owl Doll | sewing, kids
  117. Crochet the Brady Basket | crochet, decor
  118. Sew a Boxy Tee | sewing, clothing
  119. Sew a Luckyjuju Puppy Doll | sewing, kids
  120. Doodle and Paint an Animal Portrait | painting, decor, pets
  121. Sew a Pair of Baby Bloomers | sewing, kids

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