DIY Gingham Beer Coozies

finished beer coozies

Beer coozies are a staple of simple, summertime living. The only situation in which you actually need a coozie is – by its very definition – the epitome of relaxation: drinking a cold beer slowly enough to savor it, without it getting warm. Add a side of sandy feet and life doesn’t get much better.

While I love a cheesy, logo’d coozie, I decided to pretty them up for summer with gingham fabric. Using decoupage glue holds the fabric in place as well as making it water resistant. Cheers to that.

Materials: Beer coozies, fabric, fabric scissors or rotary cutter, ruler, decoupage glue, foam brush, ribbon (optional) beer!

beer coozie materials

Step 1: Cut your fabric to the height of your cooize, with enough length to wrap entirely around the coozie (4×11” is a pretty standard size).

cutting coozie material

Step 2: Working in sections, add an even coat of decoupage glue to the coozie and lay fabric in place. Smooth any air bubbles or wrinkles out as you work. When you reach the start of the fabric, brush glue over the first end and overlap.

beer coozie glue

Step 3: Trim any overhanging fabric or frayed threads from coozie with sharp scissors.

trimming beer coozie

Step 4:  Cover fabric with a thin, even layer of decoupage glue to seal. Crack a beer and smile.


finished beer coozies