Creativebug's Gift Guides for Those Who Make

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Do you make all your holiday presents by hand? Maybe you’re a soy-candle-making, hat-knitting, cookie-baking machine. Maybe you spent all weekend cutting and printing and stitching heirlooms that will be treasured for decades.

If you are, congratulations.

If you happen to know one of these people, welcome.

This is a safe space.

It can be tough to buy gifts for the crafty and talented. Who knows what equipment or supplies they need, or might already have? Will something store bought pale in comparison to their hand-sewn backpack?

The answer is no.

If you know someone who wants to sharpen their existing skills, we highly recommend a Creativebug gift subscription. If you want to wrap something up, remember that those who make like opening gifts just as much as the rest of us (read: a lot). We’ve tapped into our office’s considerable crafty know-how to create Pinterest gift guides that will point you in the right direction for all manner of DIY aficionados. Read on for our some of our favorite gift recommendations for the maker in your life:

Gifts for Crafters

We all know them: the Etsy shop owners, the “I make my own clothes” girl, the person who has never bought a Hallmark card in their life. Here are our ideas for the people who can’t seem to stop the creative juices flowing:

gifts for crafters

Featured (clockwise from left): Washi Tape, Drawing Food, Schoolhouse Electric

Gifts for Painters

No, not the kind who will paint your bedroom for you. Some fabulous tools and thoughtful accessories will make their hobby (or profession) that much more enjoyable. Extra points if you make your own wrapping paper.

Painter Collage

Featured (clockwise from left): Wallpaper rollers, Handmade leather backpack, The Masters’ brush cleaner

Gifts for Quilters

A sachet that keeps fabric smelling sweet, a magnetized plate to keep track of pins or the uber-functional binder clips for keeping squares in order? You can’t go wrong with these gift ideas for the quilter in your life.

Quilting Collage

Featured (clockwise from left):: Felt flower sachets, Magnetic plate, Binder clips

Gifts for Yarn Lovers

Knitters and crocheters will appreciate specialty yarn, a sassy tote, and unique needles or hooks. Make sure to take a peek at our Pinterest board for more ideas – did you know that knitting bowls are a thing?

gifts for yarn lovers

Featured (clockwise from left): Knit or die tote, Hand-dyed yarn, Matryoshka knitting needles

Gifts for Men Who Make

That’s right. We even have ideas for the handy man in your life. Multi tools, dapper aprons, and killer cookbooks are a great idea for the hands-on dude.

gifts for men

Featured (clockwise from left): Short Stack zines, Combo tool, Rugged apron

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Who doesn’t love a good cuppa? There’s nothing more comforting that a comforting cup of something warm and delicious during the holiday season, whether you’re crafting or not. Here are our picks for tea lovers:

gifts for tea lovers

Featured (clockwise from left): Tea typography print, Tea filters, Vintage tea pot

Any other tips when it comes to choosing gifts for those who make?