Advent Calendar Round Up

felt advent calendar

Advent calendars are a traditionally German way to celebrate the holiday season, consisting of 24 small presents or treats that are opened each day, starting December 1 and leading up to Christmas. Here at Creativebug, we’re a little smitten with them.

Maybe you’re familiar with chocolate advent calendars? You should be. They have chocolate in them, and that is a wonderful thing. However, if you’ve never experienced the beauty and joy of a handmade advent calendar, it’s time to change that.

If you have children, they’ll probably be able to manage opening 24 additional presents over the month of December. (Tip for parents with multiple children: You don’t have to buy each of your offspring 24 presents. Growing up, my two sisters and I would open eight presents each – one every third day). If you’re an adult, you can do what you want. Maybe that means buying 24 small gifts for your partner/sibling/best friend and absolutely making their month when they receive a handmade advent calendar from your loving arms. You’re basically guaranteeing a really excellent Christmas present down the road.

Advent calendars celebrate our favorite aspects of the holiday season:

  1. Handmade decor
  2. Anticipation
  3. Tiny things

Let’s dive into a round up of our favorite handmade advent calendars:

Hanging Advent Calendars

Hanging advent calendar presents from a tree, board, or backdrop is a very traditional form of presentation. That’s doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate your own twist; we’ve found calendars that use coat hangers, antlers, branches, and more. If you have the wall space, this style of advent calendar = decor AND presents. Sold.

hanging advent calendars

Featured (clockwise from left): Matrjoschski, OliveMePost, La Petite Cuisine

Tabletop Advent Calendars

If you have tabletop real estate to spare (please, tell us your secret), you can also create a charming tablescape with your advent calendar. Trees are a common theme, but simple brown boxes and even toilet paper tubes can be put to good use. See?

tabletop advent calendars

Featured (clockwise from left): Oh Happy Day, Martha Stewart, Pysselbolaget

Modern Advent Calendars

A new take on an old classic means brighter colors, edgier designs, and serious creativity. Remember: the contents can be whatever you want: candy, chocolates, toys, notes, nail polish, legos, stickers, beads, art supplies…we could keep going, but let your imagination run wild.

Featured (clockwise from left): Mr. Printables, A Few Things From My Life, Miluccia

Please explore our Pinterest board for more fantastic DIY advent calendar ideas. Do you have a unique advent calendar tradition in your home?