Courtney Cerruti and Her Lumi DIY


Freeform Lumi DIY

by Courtney Cerruti

I was really excited when I found out Creativebug was working with Lumi. Creating sets for each artist is one of the best parts of my job, and I was so excited to play with inkodye to create special art for Jesse’s set.  I made long banners on canvas of Muybridge photographs as my first project, using a printed negative and inkodye; and that was awesome. Peeling away the negative to reveal indigo colored images of a man riding a horse was so thrilling! But what I enjoyed even more, was creating an abstract design.

On a large piece of canvas, I used masking tape in varying widths to create bold, strong lines that criss-crossed the entire canvas. Where some lines of tape crossed, they created triangle shapes and I filled those in with even smaller lines to create some detail and interest.

Once all my tape was down, I used inkodye magenta and copper and a foam brush to paint over the taped design. I added a few dark spots using a roller and inkodye navy.  I was careful to brush on the die thoroughly but not to leave any places goopy with dye. After painting, I carried my canvas onto the roof and watched it change from pale pink and orange to bright and vibrant patches of deep orange, magenta and indigo… it was thrilling!

Best of all Jesse was so happy with the piece and her set; I sent her home with the painting! This free form technique of using the dye and tape is quick and easy and allows you to create beautiful pieces in an snap!