10 Easy Things to Draw with Heather Ross

Starting today, fabric designer and illustrator Heather Ross will show you her approach to Drawing 10 Easy Things. No fuss, no overthinking, Heather will inspire you to dive in and sketch with simple, uncomplicated strokes to create sweet little illustrations. To encourage this creative freedom, and inspire you to participate, we are launching our second CB Draw a Day Challenge. 

Join The #CBDrawADay Challenge


There are two parts to the challenge. Heres how to participate:

Part 1 (Instagram)

  1. Take parts 1-10 of the ’10 Easy Things to Draw with Heather Ross’ series *Must participate each day*
  2. Post your drawings to Instagram using the hashtags #creativebug and #CBDrawADay

Part 2 (Creativebug Social)

  1. Take parts 1-10 of the ’10 Easy Things to Draw with Heather Ross’ series *Must participate each day*
  2. Upload your drawings to the class page on the site. Not sure how to do that? Click here for a quick tutorial.

Submit on both Instagram and the Creativebug website and double your chances of winning!

There will be 3 winners from Instagram, and 3 winners from the site – 6 winners total. Each winner will receive:

1. 6 months of unlimited access to Creativebug
2. A set of Palomino Blackwing 602 Firm Pencils
3. A Molkeskine Art Plus Sketchbook

So grab your notebooks and join the #CBDrawADay challenge.

Day 1 – How to Draw a Highlighter
Day 2 – 
How to Draw a Paint Tube
Day 3 – 
How to Draw a Pincushion
Day 4 –
How to Draw Scissors
Day 5 – 
How to Draw a Lemon
Day 6 – 
How to Draw a Calculator
Day 7 – 
How to Draw a Clock
Day 8 – 
How to Draw a Triscuit
Day 9 – 
How to Draw a Paper Clip
Day 10 – 
How to Draw Sunglasses

Contest ends on Monday, October 26th.

*Your work may be featured to promote Creativebug*

Congratulations to Carly, Katie, Jimena, Erika Jones, Anna Sudakova and Sowmya Karthik.


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  1. Last time some of the Instagram winners posted 3 or 4 collages showing several days worth of drawings at once, rather than posting one drawing a day. I just want to make sure this is ok this time as well. I felt like I was spamming my followers last time and was a bit bummed to notice that the winners hadn’t posted every single day.

    1. Hi Jen – You can post collages that show the various days.

  2. Is this class no longer available on creativebug? Thank you!

  3. Hello. impressive job. I did not anticipate this.

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