This is a guest post from Lindi Haws of Love-The-Day.com

Have you seen his meme? I think it is absolutely hilarious! I think it resonates so much with me because it is so shockingly true. Every year I have really big plans to make my font porch worthy of a Martha Stewart or Pottery Barn Magazine spread. Yet, when it comes time to carving the pumpkins….whah, whah. I have absolutely NO IDEA where to go or what to do. I usually end up carving your typical triangle eyes, jagged mouth and give up after one pumpkin.


This year, I’ve planned ahead! I decided to take the Halloween Pumpkin Carving class on CreativeBug by Courtney Cerruti. Whoa!! I loved it! She gave me so many ideas and so many tips and tricks on how to carve my pumpkins. I had no idea that carving a really impressive pumpkin could be so easy. Ever since taking the class I’ve gone a bit crazy practicing. And it’s been so fun turning some of my graphic designs into pumpkin designs. In fact, it seems like after you take the class, the only difficult aspect of carving an amazing pumpkin, is finding a good design. And that is something I can help with! I’ thought I would offer three easy pumpkin carving template as free printables to help with your ambitious front porch goals!

You can download the templates HERE.







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