Welcome to Creativebug

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Welcome to the Creativebug family. Let’s get crafting!

Creativebug.com has thousands of award-winning art & craft video classes taught by recognized design experts and artists. Let us know what types of classes interest you, and we’ll help you find what you love.

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1. Inspired by what you see? Add the class to your watchlist!

Add any class to your watchlist by clicking the “Watchlist” icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the video.

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You can access your Watchlist in your account.

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2. Take Stock of the Materials You Have On Hand

With our “Search by Materials” function, you can find classes that will help you use the supplies you already have.

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3. Add Notes to Any Class

We’ve made it easy to capture moments of inspiration, reminders and more with the Notes feature located in the video player. A flag will appear at the timestamp where you saved the note on the video player. In the “RESOURCES” tab, you can find the timestamp and description of each note you created.

screenshot from Creativebug.com showing you how to add a note to any class video

4. Closed Captioning and Transcripts

You can find the closed captions for each class within the video player, located in the bottom menu bar.

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Transcripts are available for download under the “Resources” tab located below the video player.

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5. Find Upcoming Classes

New classes added weekly! Under Resources>Calendar, you can see new classes scheduled to be released.

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6. Download Materials Lists

Find the downloadable materials PDF for all classes under the “Resources” tab and simply click to download.

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7. Update Your Account Profile Preferences Any Time

Update your Art + Craft interests and Profile Preferences by logging into your account and selecting “Access My Account” from the circle icon at the top right-hand side of the page.

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We hope you found these tips helpful as you’re getting to know Creativebug! Please reach out to us here if you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share.