Upcycled Project Roundup for Earth Day


braided rug,  book safedenim coastersroygbiv necklacecoat rackmini gardenstorage cratesupcycle giftwrapplastic bowlst-shirt necklace,  felted flowers,

We live in a bubble here in San Francisco where bags at the grocery store cost a dime, we’re fined if we don’t compost, and city officials planted a Victory Garden at City Hall the other year. When I travel and go to throw away my trash at a café, I’m perplexed when I don’t see at least three bins: compost, recycling, and landfill.

All that do-gooding lends itself to scenes that could be lifted from Portlandia. But it doesn’t have to all be earnest and touchy-feely.  Upcycling can also be surprisingly stylish. Take some of these projects that we’ve been admiring:

In honor of Earth Day, these projects this week start with something utterly mundane and arrive at something shockingly different. And therein, my friends, lays the transformative  power of making something by hand.