The Fairytale Story of Amy Butler’s Studio

Amy stenciling

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted treehouse tucked into a hillside in Ohio. Inside, lived a couple with magical powers. Powers to create beauty and light and happiness.

cat close up

Upstairs, lived sunshine itself. And cats sleeping languidly on bright cushions.

bolts of fabric

Downstairs, lived imagination and hard work. This is where Amy and David do the work of transforming scraps of memories and travel and gardens into fabric and ribbons and patterns.


For one sunshine-filled week, a film crew from the shores of California landed in this treehouse. Together, they all worked and laughed and drank iced tea while filming classes of Amy teaching people how to make what she makes, and how to insert their own brand of magic and imagination into their projects.


Sometimes they took breaks and watched the clouds from the deep shade of the porch.

fabric ribbon shelf

Then they went back to work creating something that you will see, when this story continues on September 15th.

Amy bike

And of course, they all lived happily ever after.