Talk Like a Pirate Day: DIY Projects

Celebrate national TLAPD (Talk Like a Pirate Day) like the crafty scoundrel ye are.

Here be Creativebug’s most favorite pirate DIYs.


Ye Old Pirate Ship Wagon

Stow yer grog and plunder here.

pirate ship wagon

Sail your ship on the mighty seas grass.

Hoist Yer Flag


Create a Mighty Cannon

And make yer enemies tremble.

papier kanone basteln

DIY yer Eye Patch

eye patch

Shiver Timbers with a Trusty Sword

Always sheath yer sword afore you go to work. Thanks kindly.

cardboard swords

Avast! Remember yer Parrot

Fer shoulder decoration or to pretty up yer rigging.

shoulder parrot

Accessories be Important РFashion Yerself a Hook

pirate hook

Update Yer Plunderin’

…and use English (Pirate) as yer default Facebook language fer the day.

Facebook language