Spotlight on Christine Schmidt & Her Student Gallery

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Our talented pal, Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop, is always inspiring us with her insanely cool projects, laser sharp wit and ability to teach us something new every time we see her! We adore her, and we’re so glad you do too! We recently noticed some new STUDENT WORK showing up in the galleries of Christine’s workshops (See samples below)

BIG shout outs to her students, Klay A. for her potato stamp project, Helen M. for her stamped paper lantern, and Amelie L. for making her stamp and stamp pad! Keep up the great work friends!
We thought it would be fun to ask Christine a few of our “Yellow Couch Questions” this week. Hope you enjoy this mini interview with one of our favorite stamp-makers on earth!

How do you incorporate stamping into the holiday season?
My go-to wrapping paper is stamped newsprint. I buy an 18 x 24 inch pad and use my different stamps and inks to create all sorts of sheets. I just cut up a few yards of a tighly-woven linen into a runner and six napkins. I will use stamps and our new all-purpose ink pads to make table linens for all the holidays.

What is your favorite smell?
Baby smell! They should bottle it.

If you could be anything else in the world what would it be?
A Centaur. I would have to buy twice as many shoes but I would be very tall. I then will write a book called “Half Horse: Whole Heart” vainly detailing all my charitable works with animals and uhmm, let’s say– literacy (so I could also fulfill a dream of wearing eyeglasses.)

What’s your favorite children’s book?
Caps for Sale A charming tale of monkeys WEARING hats pilfered from some mustachioed chap. Those primates be looking fly and I agree that this mustache trend must not be fueled.  Also love the drawing and the color palette. If some monkeys stole rubber stamps from me I couldn’t even be mad. Indeed I would make them a winter craft beverage (see #3)

What’s the weirdest job you’ve had?
I was cake decorator. Is that weird? It was fun but now I hate cake frosting. After a days work my clothes were stiff with butter and shortening. I would wake up and think there was a very stylish scarecrow in my laundry hamper.

What’s your favorite thing to make this time of year?
1. I have been getting way down with some shrinky dinks. I just finished my new book that contains printing projects you make for kids and I had a blast with the shrink plastic. Takes stamps like a dream. I will make some ornaments and tiny gift tags and such with it for Christmukkah*.

2. It will be my daughter’s first holiday season so I am also gonna cruise Creativebug for some projects I can make for her even though her current favorite toy is a Tumm’s container and she fell asleep before I could put her in the Halloween costume I made.

3. Hot Toddies. That is my winter craft beverage of choice. When the days get shorter whiskey time gets longer.

*Christmukkah is the merging of well, duh. If this reference is foreign to you, stream the under-rated teen drama “The O.C.” Then tell me who your favorite character is. (Trick question: The answer is always Sandy AND Taylor.)

For more from Christine, check out all of her workshops on Creativebug… and enjoy!