Relma, Paris

I was lucky enough to spend my summer vacation in France. One of the many amazing places I visited while in and out of Paris, was Relma. Nestled in the 6th arrondissement, just a 5 min. walk away from the famous Shakespeare and Co and blocks from the Seine, Relma is the mecca for book artists, binders and paper lovers. 

Tucked away in an alley, the facade of this shop only hints at the glory held inside… Relma has anything and everything that your paper-loving heart desires.


Rolls of book cloth, headbands, bone folders and other bookmaking supplies are tucked into every cubby and corner.

relmapaperThick stacks of hand painted and hand marbled papers line every wall in the main room. I didn’t know where to start! Best of all you’re allowed to wander freely, pull out papers and explore completely unhindered, which isn’t common in France.


If the selection of paper doesn’t set your heart a flutter, then the room full of leather for bookbinding certainly will! Immediately my mind thought of rebinding my books in blush pink, metallic gold or French blue… can you imagine?

If you happen to find yourself wandering the streets of Paris, make sure you stop by Relma, even if it is only to marvel at the splendor of such beautiful materials! I will definitely be returning here on my next visit, after all I only came home with a small stack of paper!