Set Design for Annabel Wrigley

Set design with Annabel Wrigley

We recently spent a few days filming with Annabel Wrigley who spends most of her days — we think — teaching darling children how to sew, finding treasures at antique fairs, and being generally awesome.

Courtney and Annabel below. (Courtney doesn’t always look like that – just when the wifi inexplicably goes down. We figured it out.)

Set design for Annabel Wrigley

We needed a set that reflected Annabel’s colorful, creative style and as usual, Courtney did an amazing job.

AND she let us paint plates with her.

Set Design with Annabel Wrigley

Courtney’s rule: pick a color palette and stick to it. Extra points if you can find a vintage sewing machine that matches.

Set design with Annabel Wrigley

We think Charlie may have inspired that little doggie plate…

Set design with Annabel Wrigley

Courtney’s other rule: No set is complete without a little neon.

Set design for Annabel Wrigely

Sneak peek of a few goodies from the class. Are you guys excited to see what her projects are?!

Darn right. You should be.

Set design for Annabel Wrigley

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