Scrappy “Jellyfish” Inspired Party Decor – Crafting for All Ages

Inspired by jellyfish, unicorns, and pastel rainbows, my 4-year-old and I made hanging party decorations for her park birthday. With simple materials and steps, anyone can help make these fun banner “chandeliers” and enjoy their color and texture! After the party, we hung them up in her bedroom.

Materials Needed

  • 1 embroidery hoop makes 2 “chandeliers” – If making more than 2 you can select various sizes from mini to large for a variety
  • 1-yard min cotton fabric per chandelier, torn into 1″ strips along the length of the fabric. You can also use a jellyroll of coordinated fabric. If using, then cut each strip in half length-wise to double the amount of strips
  • Various yarns and ribbons in colors coordinating with your fabric, each cut to 3′ long
  • Scissors

How to Make a Jellyfish Ribbon Chandelier

Tear down your strips of fabric from fabric yardage or jellyroll lengths. If you’ve never done this before it is highly satisfying and fun for kids too. It will create some extra messy threads in some spots along the lengths that you can just gently pull off. If you’re using ribbon or yarn, cut lengths roughly the same size.

Begin tying each length of fabric, ribbon or yarn onto the embroidery hoop with about a one inch tail at the top. I think a single knot suffices in most cases, but if children might pull on the ribbons (not recommended) or it will be in a highly windy spot then tie a double knot. I like all the little knot tails sticking up around the top of the circle like a crown. If you’re fabric strip is thicker at one end, I usually tie the thicker end to the hoop to fill in the space more, with a natural taper toward the length hanging down.

Continue adding lengths until the hoop is nice and full. You can give a little trim to the bottom if you want to even things up. To hang, you can add a single ribbon tied on opposite sides of the hoop to create a hanging point. These ribbon banner chandeliers are great for parties, outdoor picnics or meals, and children’s room decor. Make them in your favorite colors or select colors for a special event like a school function or Pride!

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