Be Your Own “Scarf Guy”: Knit a Cowl, Own the Internet

“Scarf Guy” Tommy Krul kinda stole the show at Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement. If you use the internet, you’ve heard about him, seen a picture and probably thought, “That looks pretty comfy.”

And we say, be your office’s own Scarf Guy.

And one-up Tommy, who we’re pretty sure didn’t knit that infinity scarf himself. Whip up your very own neckwear, then strut your stuff around your coworker’s cubicles, saying things like, “Nice watch, Karen” and “Yeah, I’ve developed my own game too. You use an old yogurt lid as a frisbee and try to make it into Bob’s trashcan. Here, let me show you…”

Check out these tutorials and make your own fabulous, crash-the-internet neckwear.

Be Your Own “Scarf Guy”

Knit a reversible cowl with Lynne Barr

Make a Double-Knit Cowl with Lynne Barr.

Crochet a hexi cowl with Cal Patch

Whip up a Crocheted Hexi Cowl with Cal Patch.

Knit a sprout cowl with Jill Draper

Whip up a Sprout Cowl with Jill Draper.

Anyone else out there loving the infinity scarf’s moment in the spotlight?