Painted Wooden Centerpiece with Lindi Haws

This is a guest post from Lindi Haws of

I’m excited to be back here on the Creativebug blog today to share the outcome of my latest Creativebug class! Now I loved taking the Watercolor Class (I’m still practicing!) and the Pumpkin Carving Class was incredibly fun and will forever change how my family celebrates Halloween, but the Painted Wooden Centerpiece class has been my favorite so far. I think it’s because the class involves decorating for celebrations and I’m pretty obsessed with celebrations! I took the class with the intention of learning how to make wooden centerpieces for a Christmas party I am hosting in a few weeks. I am going for a rustic party theme to match my Lumberjack Christmas Tree and felt like the wooden centerpieces would be a perfect addition to my decorations. 


The first thing I LOVED about the class was that it was short, sweet and to the point. I really appreciated that the class not only taught me how to make the centerpiece, but really inspired me to make the wood pieces my own. I felt totally encouraged to experiment with my own design and style! I received some great instruction and then went to town fulfilling the vision I had for my decor and centerpiece. I painted my wooden slabs (which I found at Michaels) red and white and applied a geometric patterns according to the instructions in the class. It was a simple, but super fulfilling project. Especially after I paired my painted wooden pieces with candles, sprigs, ribbon and pine cones to complete the whole centerpiece. I’m completely obsessed with how it turned out and can’t wait for my visitors to enjoy it! 

If you are interested in taking this class, you can find it HERE.


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