Mini Interview: Anna Maria Horner

AMH Book

To kickstart your week, we have a little bite-size interview with Anna Maria Horner, whose new book is about to start shipping — woop, woop!

Hey Anna Maria! What are your ideal ingredients for a perfect afternoon?

I love the feeling of having finished a significant, challenging project, so my ideal might start with being on the other side of something like that.  But then relishing in thoughts of what I might get to take up next, but with whatever pace feels right.  So I would say: handwork like crochet or embroidery, coffee, my feet up, my husband, cool weather, an average foreign film that we’re kind of paying attention to but interrupt for our own conversation, and the sounds and intermittent company of our children.

Cross stitch pendant

What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I could sing.  I mean I can.  But I wish other people wanted to hear it.

Where is your favorite room in the world?

Well since you asked me today as I just washed out my paintbrushes, I would have to say our living room.  It’s now deeper, cozier, and a bit more thought provoking.  I feel like I just put on a warm sweater when I sit down in there.  Much like my ideal afternoon.