You swore that 2016 would be the year that you committed to crafting. The year that you would draw everyday, knit every day, and create 365. And now here we are, almost in March, and you have fallen off of the crafting wagon. No worries, we have a challenge that’ll keep you and your loved ones creative.


Join the #Make2Share challenge. Make2Share (#make2share) represents the leading manufacturers, retailers, media companies, and educators in the global maker and DIY space who have come together to promote the delight and satisfaction of handmade giving and receiving.

How to Participate

  1. Pick two friends
  2. Copy and paste the Make2share Challenge below on social media
  3. Make something special and share it!

Make2share Challenge

To my friends [ tag 2 friends] I made you these [ handmade items] as part of the #make2share Challenge. In exchange for this random act of giving, all I ask is for you to make and share something special for two people of your choice in the next two weeks.  Post a photo and be sure to tag #make2share so we can keep it going forward!

The challenge is already in full effect. Take a look at some of the participants below, follow #Make2Share on Instagram and Facebook, and make the pledge to be more creative today!