Make Your Own Seed Packets – free printable PDF

image of 4 handmade paper seed packs with hand painted floral designs on them

Spring gardens and spring organizing are on our minds with this Seed Pack Printable. Organize your seeds or any other tiny bits like beads, embroidery thread, or pressed flowers. If you want to be able to open and reseal your envelopes, put some removable double stick tape under the flap.

Seed saving is an activity that has been continued over thousands of years across the world and was the traditional way farms and gardens were maintained throughout history. Saving seeds is a way of preserving not only the biodiversity of our food culture, but also a way to preserve and perpetuate the food ways and traditions of peoples and communities.


image of materials needed to make handmade paper seed packets including a paper template, scissors, bone folder, glue stick, and tracing paper

How to Make Paper Seed Packets

1. Cut around the outside of the envelope.

2. Precisely fold the envelope along the bottom edge.

3. Cut out the white area. The design is the same on both sides so you can cut both at once if you are careful to keep checking the back.

image of scissors cutting shapes out of a paper seed packet

4. Place the envelope face down on scrap paper and cut a piece of tracing paper that will cover the window with some overlap. Mark the corners with a pencil.

5. Apply glue to the envelope in the area of the tracing paper, then press it in place.

image of a tracing paper glued to the cut-out shape on a paper seed packet

6. Fold up the envelope and glue the flaps.

image of 4 handmade paper seed packs with hand painted floral designs on them

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