Make A Paper Pencil Box

image of a paper pencil case that looks like a giant pencil made of paper

In August we’re looking forward to going back to school with pencil boxes that can hold treats, school supplies, or even write. These oversized paper pencil boxes can be made a quick way or a more substantial version. You can either print the artwork on heavyweight matte photopaper, which is faster but a little less sturdy. Or you can make a sturdier box with copy paper and strengthen it by laminating the print to a file folder.


images of supplies to make a paper pencil box: printed artwork, white glue, glue stick, scissors, utility knife, ruler, stylus
  • Printouts of the artwork
  • Glue stick and white glue
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Stylus to score folds (you can use a butterknife or a ballpoint pen without ink)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Optional: pencil and tape to make a writable pencil box

How to Make a Paper Pencil Box

  1. Rough-cut around the four pieces and laminate them to the file folder with the glue stick. Let dry, then carefully cut-out along the dotted outline.
  2. Use a ruler to score the pencil body along the white lines. Cut the slit between the two larger dots with the knife. Cut the 4 additional flaps on the dotted lines.image of scoring a paper template with a ruler and utility knife
  3. Dry-fit the pieces. Roll or fold the pieces before gluing. Adjust how they will fit together.image of an unassembled paper pencil box ready to be glued
  4. Assembly: Apply a thin layer of white glue on the two areas of the pencil body that have a blue screen tone. Insert the tab into the slit and pinch the glue forming a tube. Glue and roll up the eraser ferrule and wood point. Fold down the pink tabs and cap with the pink circle. Slip the eraser over the straight end making sure not to cover up the writing and glue in place. Apply glue inside the scallops of the cone and tuck the yellow points inside. You don’t need to fold them down. Let dry.
  5. To make the pencil write, snip the tiniest bit off the point. Insert a pencil and tape it inside. Fill with candy and school supplies.image of a big paper pencil box showing the inside where there is a real pencil taped inside

Cleo Papanikolas is a painter, author, and educator. Her daily practice classes on Creativebug are Painting Repeat Patterns By Hand: A Daily Practice and Learn to Paint with Gouache: A Daily Practice in Questions and Answers . Additionally, you can find more of her printable crafts on her website.