Featured Instructor: Lia Griffith’s Top 10 Tools

Lia Griffith with Hydrangea

Post by Creativebug Instructor Lia Griffith, author and creator behind the blog Lia Griffith Handmade.

Ever wonder what’s in the craft closet of paper crafts guru Lia Griffith? We did too. Because we’re curious like a cat.

But instead of sneaking into her home while she was out running errands, we just asked her instead. Here are the tools that Lia Griffith can’t live without.

Lia Griffith’s Top 10 Tools

1. Surebonder Dual Temperature Glue Gun

That “dual temperature” feature is an important one. I use the low setting on nearly all my crafts because hey, why not hang onto your fingerprints?

Hot Glue Gun

2. Kai 6 inch Shears

Working with paper? You want some scissors that will make precise cuts, maintain their edge, and won’t give you hand cramps.

Kai Scissors


3. Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine

I can’t say enough good things about the Cricut Explore (although I try). It makes so many new paper crafts possible, especially if you’re using them for an event like a wedding or party.

Cricut Explore


4. Cutting Mat

A cutting mat is a must-have for anyone who’s spending lots of time with rotary cutters and paper. Not only will this protect your tabletop, but it provides and gridded, textured surface for your projects.

Cutting Mat

5. Metal Straight Edge

Because nothing is more annoying than a cut that should be straight…but veers off to directions unknown. Help it help you.

metal straight edge


6. X-Acto or Crafts Knife

This one’s obvious, right? If you’re making intricate paper projects, you want the tool that’s best for the job. And that’s a razor-sharp X-Acto knife. You know if Lia’s recommending it, it’s worth the investment.

craft knife


7. Bone Folder

A bone folder will help you gently — or not so gently — crease your projects. You might want a sharp crease on a handmade card or a gently bend in a paper leaf. Either way, the bone folder will help you get there without leaving any fingerprints on the project.

Bone Folder


8. Glue Dots

Sticking things to things is part of pretty much every craft project ever. And glue dots are society’s answer to that problem. Easier application than a glue stick (and more permanent) and much more time efficient than waiting for liquid glue to dry, you want these in your life.

Glue Dots

9. Scotch Pop-Up Tape

One finger holding a ribbon down, the other making sure an extra fold doesn’t pop up and you just realized you need a third hand to reach for the tape dispenser. But not any more you guys.

scotch pop up tape

10. Washi Tape

We cannot sing the praises of washi tape loud or often enough. Equal parts tool and decoration, it adds pops of color to your projects while also holding them together. And the gentle tackiness easily removes from most projects without leaving residue, so if you change your mind or make a mistake, you won;t have to start all over.

washi tape


If you’re as fired up to go make some amazing paper creations like us (like, picking out color palettes as we type), then you should probably check out some of Lia’s classes on Creativebug.