Knitting Disaster Stories: The Best of the Worst


We asked our Knitting Corner Facebook community for their most epic knitting disasters. Here is what they shared (names have been removed to protect the pride of our fellow knitters):

Size Matters

Measured my son at age 12 for a sweater. Knitted it 3 sizes larger so he could wear it longer. 2 weeks later when it was finished, he could not get it over his head.

Knitting a jaeger pattern in 100% wool then washing it in the machine. I know I know. 
Felted jumper so small it was useless. 
I cried. 
And no longer wash woolen jumpers in the machine.

I finished an entire sweater, for myself, without checking my gauge. I finished it in my normal size XL, then had to completely frog it out and remake it to a MEDIUM. On my behalf, I have never knitted that far off of the normal gauge before or since.

Knitted four gauge swatches for a pullover before choosing the needle size. The body came out big enough to hold two of me. I asked my husband what he thought and he was too nice to tell me it was a disaster, but I frogged it and re-did it, and it won a prize.

Life Happens

Yesterday I dropped the glove I was working on and my Roomba vacuum was going by just a few inches away…I was lucky that I was unable to untangle the yarn from it without cutting.

I made a baby blanket with yarn called heaven. My 1 yr old got a hold of it and the entire thing came apart. I was 3 skeins in and starting to decrease! Now it’s in a huge pile on my floor until I have about 7 hours to untangle it!

3 year old spilling cranberry juice on an off-white beautiful wool almost finished shawl. No saving it. Nope.


I tried doing intarsia in the round for a baby sweater. The people I gave it to didn’t know any better and thought it was great, but the picture they sent me of their son wearing it makes me cringe.

My first, and last attempt at a sweater went along nicely until I tried to construct it. It seems I have some extra parts and the neck band was about twice the size it was supposed to be, leaving a tail. I now make blankets.

First sweater – I was so proud. Until I realized the sleeves were two different sizes.

First pair of gloves – ambitious for an unaided beginner as it had a two-color motif on the back of each one. I stayed up knitting until 2am, determined to finish the pair to wear the next day. Finished the seams then burst out crying when I realized I had completed two right gloves. To make it worse, I made the left glove, consoled myself with the fact that I had a spare one, but wore the gloves then lost the single LEFT one.

I once knitted a glove with six fingers. Didn’t even realize until I was knitting the sixth finger. Doh

Just Epic

Last night after a shower I had my hair down watching TV. Just knitting away in very dim light. Went to put it down and my wet hair had somehow got stuck to my yarn and got knitted. I really got into that project.

I knitted what was to be a basket. My 20 year old son saw it, and put it on his head thinking it was a hat. Walked away still wearing it, saying how nice it was to have ear straps! He still wears it as a hat.

I spent months knitting a big fisherman’s jumper for my husband to be but alas, it was way too big, it must have been an omen as I was equally disappointed with both the husband and the jumper!

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