Introducing Cathy Callahan!

Joshua Tree

We are overjoyed that Cathy Callahan is now a Creativebug artist! Not only is her vintage aesthetic chock-full of fun and whimsy, it also makes quite a few of us here at Creativebug nostalgic for craft days with our moms and grandmoms.

We thought it would be fun to ask her a few questions to get some insight on how this busy lady stays motivated, and how she likes to wind down. Here’s our mini interview with Cathy:

What are your ideal ingredients for a perfect afternoon?
-To have nothing pressing that I have to deal with so that my mind can wander.
-A clean work area.
-Art and craft supplies close at hand should the mood strike.

What is your favorite smell?
There are too many to pick one favorite, but depending on my mood coffee
is often at the top of the list.

Where is your favorite place?
Joshua Tree, California

(Photos courtesy of Scott Mansfield)

What are your top three treats?
– Sleeping in on Sunday
– A really good pedicure
– A day off

When you’re in a rut, what inspires you without fault?
Color.(Photos courtesy of Cathy Callahan)

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