Instagram Shots — August Edition

Halloween in August

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some instagram photos on the blog. It’s definitely one of our favorite apps here in the studio, and of course all those filters just make everything look so darn good. Yes, that’s Courtney above, getting ready for Halloween in August. We shot some great Halloween craft projects for you this month which we’ll be releasing soon.

bubble wrap printsThis pattern was created using ink pads and bubble wrap and is part of a back to school DIY we’ll be releasing on the blog soon. We were pretty excited about how cool this pattern turned out.

cross stitch wall artThis week we released another workshop with the lovely Annabel Wrigley. Like her other classes this one is perfect for kids of all ages and it’s a super fun way to learn how to cross stitch.

Rebecca sampler advancedAnother new class this week — Rebecca Ringquist’s Advanced Embroidery Sampler.

vintage craft booksWho doesn’t love vintage craft books? We could spend hours looking through the collection of old craft books at SCRAP here in San Francisco.

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