Instagram Contest: Drawing with Lisa Congdon



The Creativebug Instagram Contest with Lisa Congdon

We’re so excited about launching our new long form classes with Lisa Congdon that we’re throwing you all an awesome contest. Harnessing the power of social media (namely, Instagram), we want you to share pictures of your masterpieces from Lisa’s class.

Lisa Congdon Sketch

Here’s how it works:

We’ll run one contest for each week of the 4-part class. That means one winner each week for a month.

*pause for celebratory dance*

Each week, contestants — THAT’S YOU GUYS — will have to post, on Instagram, a photo of a sketch that matches the weekly theme. Each theme will align with that week’s class release. Simply include the weekly hashtag (below) and #creativebug in the description of your Instagram post and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Don’t forget those hashtags, though — that’s how we’re going to find your submissions.

Week 1: #doodlebasics
Week 2: #geodoodle
Week 3: #photodoodle
Week 4: #letteringdoodle

We’ll announce the winner on Instagram and the blog each Monday which means our first winner will be announced next Monday, March 10.

And you guys: If you haven’t signed up for Lisa’s line drawing class yet, you should probably do so right now.


Each week’s winner can choose any one archival print from Lisa’s Etsy shop. The winner will┬áreceive that signed print from Lisa on which she will also hand-letter their name.

archival prints

So yeah. You’re gonna want to play this one.

And if you’re not already, we strongly recommend you follow Lisa on Instagram. Her dog Wilfredo is the best ever.


Week 1: Amanda Etches

Doodle Basics Winner

Week 2: bijoulovely



Week 3: zazaroxy

photodoodle winner


Week 4: moilia56

lettering doodle winner